The Conservatory-Rosebank

13 Baker Street, situate at the corner of Keyes Ave and Baker St had been occupied by Sasol for almost 20 years. Under-parked, dated and what many would describe as an eyesore, Blend saw the vacating of Sasol as an opportunity for rejuvenation.

While Rosebank remains an attractive and growing node, 13 Baker faced increasing competition from surrounding vacancies and new office developments. Situate at the bottom end of Rosebank the Building needed a differentiator to compete; Blend took the decision to employ the skills of resident designer, Kim H, who came up with the themed concept, The Conservatory.

“The Conservatory stands out, draws attention and creates demand”

Rather than re-build an expensive glass box, the core features of the building were retained while minor cosmetics completely changed its appearance. An additional parking deck was added and energy efficient, double glazing was installed. Key features include coffer slab ceilings, screeded floors and fire proof lifts-a feature that enabled ‘lobbyless’ direct access to Tenants spaces. Floor plates were kept efficient and with no compromise. Each tenant at The Conservatory has identity, The Conservatory stands out, draws attention and creates demand.

Blend took the decision to broaden its offering, the building was sectionalized and units were offered for both sale and rental. 12 months after commencement the building has completed on budget and is now fully spoken for. Resourceful design enabled an offering attractive and unique – aesthetically and financially, with owners and tenants including the likes of HAVAS, E Oppenheimer & Sons and Leppard Underwriters.

Dedicated to servicing the needs of its commercial residents this prestigious and unique development joins a handful of buildings in facilitating the resurgence and growth of the Rosebank node.

For more information on this development, contact 011 380 9400.